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1 in 2 people will develop cancer in their lifetime. It is extremely likely that you or someone you care about has been or will be affected.

Early diagnosis (cancer diagnosed at stages 1 or 2) is vital – it gives patients more effective treatment options, improving their chance of survival. Currently, if you reside within North Norfolk and are suspected of having cancer, your diagnosis and treatment will take place at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. However, we are delighted to announce that Summer 2021 will mark the opening of the new North Norfolk Macmillan Centre at Cromer Hospital. Patients residing in the towns and villages across North Norfolk will then have speedy access to first-class diagnosis and treatment of cancer closer to their home. They will also be able to avoid the numerous lengthy journeys to the NNUH, often while feeling unwell. The new services available will include Prostate Biopsy, Chemotherapy and Oncology. The new Centre will also provide 20,000 clinic, diagnostic and treatment visits per year.

The building cost is being shared by NNUH and Macmillan Cancer Support. Nevertheless, further funding is still required to purchase the highly specialised equipment, furniture etc. at an estimated cost of £500,000. Cromer Community and Hospital Friends (CCAHF) have accepted the challenge of raising this money.

The wonderful generosity of the public over the past year by fundraising and bequests to CCAHF has resulted in raising £250,000 towards our target and we are delighted to be half way to the fundraising goal.  However, that leaves us with £250,000 still to raise in the next 12 months – a very ambitious figure for a small charity. We are certain that, with your enthusiastic assistance, we can work together and make this goal a reality.

 Do we need to raise £250,000

Cromer Community and Hospital Friends were asked to raise £500,000 to purchase the equipment and furniture for the new Centre.  Due to the wonderful generosity of the public over the past year by fundraising and bequests to CCAHF we already have £250,000 towards our target.  PLEASE WILL YOU HELP US MEET OUR GOAL?

What will the new Centre provide?

The Centre will provide a six chair infusion/chemotherapy bay, three outpatient consultation and examination rooms and two procedure rooms with adjoining recovery area.

How was it decided which services were most needed?

In deciding which services to provide at the new Centre, consideration has been given to services appropriate to a sizeable proportion of patients resident in North Norfolk, services which are currently over-subscribed at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (NNUH) and which can avoid lengthy and repeated journeys to NNUH.  Some of these services will transfer and expand from the main hospital building, such as Dermatology outpatients and minor surgery for suspected skin cancers, Gynaecology hysteroscopy and Urology cystoscopy procedures.

Cancer Treatments

There will be services new to the Cromer Hospital campus, such as targeted template biopsy for suspected prostate cancers, the most common cancer type in men. Patients who go to their GP with symptoms that may be indicative of a cancer diagnosis are managed quickly with NHS standards setting a timeframe of no more than 28 days for a patient to find out if they do or do not have a cancer diagnosis.  Each of these diagnostic “pathways” may involve several diagnostic tests or clinic visits, and the Centre at Cromer aims to provide many of these for suspected and confirmed Skin, Head & Neck, Bowel, Upper Gastrointestinal, Gynaecological, Haematological, Prostate, Bladder and Kidney cancers.  Only around 8% of referrals will result in a cancer diagnosis.  However for this group of patients, having cancer rapidly ruled out reduces the anxiety that comes with long waits.  For those patients who do receive a cancer diagnosis, getting it quickly means that treatment can be started early.  Evidence suggests that early diagnosis and treatment of cancer leads to longer survival and better outcomes. The Centre will make this possible by providing vital capacity, as well as vastly improve the experience of patients, carers and loved ones by reducing the stress of avoiding what for some can be an 80 mile and 3 hour round trip to access services in Norwich.


When it comes to cancer treatment, the Centre will offer a wide range of chemotherapy treatments delivered in a purpose built comfortable environment that makes the most of the natural light and tranquil surroundings that Cromer Hospital enjoys. In addition, patients will have access to oral chemotherapy under the care of highly experienced Cancer Nurse Specialists, and outpatient consultations with Consultant Clinical Oncologists and Haematologists.  In addition, current cancer treatments offered in the main hospital building, including those for bladder cancer, will move and expand into the new Centre, and new minor surgical treatments including those for pre-cancerous conditions will be offered too.  Across all points of delivery there will be capacity for approximately 20,000 patients to be seen in the new facility.

Macmillan Support & Information Centre

At the entrance to the new facility will be a dedicated Macmillan Support & Information Centre, staffed by information professionals who will have access to a wide range of materials for patients, relatives and carers. A range of individual supportive treatments will have a dedicated space within the centre and a large multi-use space will be available for local patient support groups, activities and communities to use, as well as complementary therapies.

Employment Opportunities

Approximately 45 new staff colleagues will be welcomed into the Cromer & District Hospital team during the next year in preparation for the opening of the new Centre which is due to take place by March 2021. There will be opportunities for registered nurses, health care assistants, administrative, clerical staff and apprentices. The Hospital will be looking to encourage talent to the area from a nationwide search, as well as providing new careers for local residents and school leavers.

When will the Centre open?

Construction work on the centre has started and the centre is due to open in the Summer of 2021. Mindful of disruption and increased traffic on site whilst building work occurs the NNUH Trust has secured additional off-site parking for staff which will allow for an increased number of patient parking spaces. The Hospital is also currently drawing up a Travel Strategy in time for when the Centre opens, to ensure that patients and visitors can access the site in a fair, equitable and cost effective way. This strategy and the whole North Norfolk Macmillan Centre project has been designed with the input of local residents and the local community from the very beginning and the Hospital is delighted to enjoy a strategic level partnership with the Cromer Community and Hospital Friends (CCAHF), who have launched an ambitious fundraising appeal to fund the fitting out of the new facility with the specialised equipment that will be required for the new and expanded services to operate

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